Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées Mastín del Pirineo Berger des Pyrénées Gos d'Atura Catalá

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Club show 14.October 2017

The breeds Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées and Mastín del Pirineo wiil be judged under Mr. Joao Vasco Poças from Portugal, famous, respected and worldwide known international judge, former Montagne des Pyrénées breeder, one of the best true judge-specialists for this breed . Mr. Poças is also known as very succesful handler, winning prestigious titles with pyrs at the most important show for pyrenean breeds in Ageles-Gazost, Championnat de France or in Crufts. We feel very proud, Mr. Poças accepted our invitation. He judged our club show in 2012, so we are curious to know his opinion about the breeders work in our country after 5 years. The breeds from FCI group I, Gos d´atura Catala, Berger des Pyrenées FR and PL will be judged under Mr. Milan Krinke from Czech republic. We hope at this show will see all the five pyrenean breeds we have and also some owners of the Berger des Pyrénées face rase and Gos d´atura will enter their dogs to present these wonderful breeds in Czech republic.


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Club show 14.October 2017Club show 14.October 2017

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