Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées Mastín del Pirineo Berger des Pyrénées Gos d'Atura Catalá

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Club show 15. April 2017

The breeds Montagne des Pyrénées, Mastín del Pirineo and Gos d´atura Catala will be judged at our club winner show under the known and respected judge from Spain, Mr. Rafael Escar Tabueña, breeder of Montagne des Pyrénées and Mastín del Pirineo in his Torre de Justo kennel. Rafael Escar is considered judge specialists for the 3 breeds he will judge at our show and as for the breed Mastín del Pirineo is one of the 9 true specialists for this breed in the world accepted by a spanish breed club! We are really glad and feel honoured That Mr. Escar accepted our invitation. (source of the pictures: facebook)

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Club show 15. April 2017Club show 15. April 2017Club show 15. April 2017

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